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Why choose us

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Patient stories



Part 1: Westcoast Smile Design – All on 4 in Vietnam

Part 1: Westcoast Smile Design™
Our patient is a 66 year old Vietnamese grandmother who decided it was time to have a new smile.

She has two grandsons of four and six years old and she realized they were very aware grandma had a strange smile. She decided to visit Westcoast for the main reason that she wanted to have her grandchildren to perceive her as looking normal.
Nguyen Thi Thuan DentalThis is a detailed case report in three parts in which we outline “How We Do Things” at Westcoast.

Our patient was so happy with the outcome, she openly volunteered to share her story to help anybody that is fearful about dentists.

Before Surgery
Nguyen Thi Thuan Before Surgery

Imaging for Implant Planning for Smile Design
OPG Dental Implants

All her teeth had to be removed.

Building a new smile is like building anything in which you want to do it right. It requires a proper design plan.

The orientation of the smile plane is determined by using devices and try ins to help predict what the final outcome will be like. We use a surgical guide that allows for precise placement of the planned dental implants. This allows for excellent accuracy and prevents damage to nearby sinuses and nerves.
Dental Surgical Guide

After the implant and proposed teeth position is decided, we know what the smile will be like.

We move to the surgery and prosthetic phase in Part 2.

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