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Going to the Dentist in Vietnam Like Canada

In 2009, I worked in Vietnam as an expat. I wanted to continue seeing health specialists while I was outside of my home country, Canada. I was recommended to visit Westcoast clinic for my dental care. I really appreciated the fact that the English-speaking stuff of the clinic took time to explain me everything in details. I even had the opportunity to visit clinic’s facilities and I was surprised to see how modern, clean and impressive the clinic was. It looked more modern than any clinics I have seen in Canada!

In fact, I had a cleaning and a check-up done by a French dentist of Westcoast International. I felt reassured to be treated by someone who speaks  my native language and could explain in details what was happening. My experience was so good that I went to the clinic another time before leaving Vietnam to have an advantage from the great treatments and affordable prices before returning to my home country.

I would recommend Westcoast International to anyone passing by Vietnam. I am even talking about the clinic to my friends in Canada who need special treatments like implants. Why paying exorbitant prices in Western countries when you can get your treatments done by a qualified professional in Vietnam for half of its price? Even with the cost of your plane tickets and other related expenses, it can be cheaper to travel all the way to Vietnam than having your treatments done in your home country!


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  1. Hi,

    I am looking do get the porcelain veneers placed on 16 teeth top and bottom, I was just wondering how much it would approximately cost?

    1. Hi Dean,

      My colleagues from Westcoast will contact you by e-mail for more details about your request.

      Warm regards,

      Westcoast Marketing Team